Sidney Amaral

Sidney Amaral I Sao Paulo, Brazil

Always good-humored, the meditative Sydney is incisive in his political positioning. Hence, the appeal to set in motion his thoughts expressed in his works? The omnipresent choice of colors, in an attempt to enrich both the most dominant tones – such as the red blood – to more subtle – such as the very white background of the ID portraits. His works are marked by the paint agility, by careful selection of materials and continuous and firm gestures. Also, the figurative character of his works can be associated – by his color choice – to the Brazilian painting, often associated with Naïf movements.


Oil on canvas 130 cm x 110 cm 2015 Price:$5,800


Oil on canvas 130cm x 100cm 2015 Price: $4,600

Ecce Homo

Oil on canvas 130cm x 100cm 2015 Price: $4,600