Sergio Lucena

Sergio Lucena (*)| São Paulo

Born in Paraiba in 1963. Awarded with several prizes and recognitions, among which, the Award Mario Pedrosa, as Contemporary Artist 2011 Art Critics Brazilian Association (ABCA).

His Suite series represent a lyric symphony of colors, with subtle transitions of different light intensity.

His series of Gods from the Yoruba pantheon (Nana, Ode, Oxum, Oxumare) represent just a few of hundreds of gods, worshipped for an immense variety of purposes, each representative of some natural element or human emotion.


Oil on canvas 47.3” x 35.4” 2015 Price: $6,300


Oil on canvas 47.3” x 35.4” 2015 Price: $6,300


Oil on canvas 39.4” x 27.6” 2015 Price: $5,100