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Mariana Allievi - FRG Gallery

Mariana Allievi

Mariana Allievi l Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariana paints since she was a child. During her childhood she saw both of her grandmothers doing embroidery. Mariana also delves into Chinese embroidery and Nanduti, a Guarani embroidery technique.
But surprisingly, her conscience awakes in a cotillion house while seeking party novelties to prepare the birthday of her daughter.
From then on she remains faithful to the technique of collage, which she discovered as inherent to her. She thinks to herself, «this is who you are, keep on; if it does not work out, it just does not.»
Through her collages, the artist’s consciousness expands to show its peculiar way of perceiving the universe. It presents a world overflowing with life, overflowing even to excess. She says, «If it were me, I would continue up to the wall.» Her work seems about to explode from such pent-up energy.
But such abundance does not cross the line, it never loses the its form, its balance. The balance is hidden in a subtle way, which demands a second look to discover how the whole entity holds together in a delicate figure.
Like the mythological stories of origin, chaos and order coexisting together. On the surface, chaos. Underneath, order. Laura says, «I like playing with the apparent, with what seems to be true but isn’t definite”.
Over the stories we talk, chaos appears first as a void waiting to be filled by form; and afterwards, order shows up. The artist says she needs to «fill the gap» as if her spirit were haunted by a horror vacui.
And Laura manages to fill the gap by being faithful to her conscience, by expanding the awareness of her origin in the overall origin; her creation in the total universe.
Granted, origins are part of traditions. And, Mariana’s work takes us to Latin American magical realism, her natural environment.
The multiplicity of inherited elements converges and recreates in a unique way. The more idiosyncratic an artwork is, the more universal it is.
The shapes, colors, textures overlap and interweave communicating a tense vibration that is released into countless vanishing points.
The world according to Mariana invites us to rediscover our own world and find new possibilities.

__Adrian Salvo, 2016