Josefina Di Candia

Josefina Di Candia | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Josefina resorts to her origin for inspiration in her work; her deep knowledge of objects and situations shown on her canvasses place us closer to her. Josefina lays herself bare in her experiences. She transmits her feelings making use of the “ingredients” that she has inside herself: the toys, the story books, the tales read and heard that got engraved in her mind. She resorts to all this to share her intimacy with us generously. It is worth pausing in front of these pictures, as they are doors that open for us her soul, a child’s soul, with its contrast of light and shadows, its amazement, fantasies, sounds, happiness and sadness. These are paintings to stop at, paintings to awaken memories of our latent childhood.

-excerpts from Pedro Roth’s review