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For years, Sergio Lucena’s language faced the magic and the enchantment. After leaving behind the fantastic beings that inhabited his mind, he turned his plastic expression to the poetics of light and colour. The artist says that his current painting, of chromatic synthesis, brings reminiscences of his childhood in Paraíba, the vast horizons of his homeland.

In the first paintings that originated this phase of his work, one can already notice the wealthy of the endless tonal variations that compose diaphanous colour zones. There are no contours or lines in such paintings. The colour, or more accurately, the shades, grouping and withdrawing themselves build the space.

The light makes itself present in the succession of tonalities in the transparencies, provoking renewed dynamics in the pictorial space. That is, masses of higher or lower tonal intensity articulate themselves forming renovating groups. Therefore, we can visually regroup this sets of colour and light, possibly suggesting landscapes in our minds.

After that came the canvases with two horizontal areas, caused by the variability of chromatic intensity. Space, however, does not fragment itself, by the contrary, it unifies itself in the dialogue between different hues.

In the last few years, Sergio Lucena has outdone himself regarding the synthesis in his plastic expression, producing paintings of pure chromatic vibration. The dominant colour is strongly tensioned by the light in the construction of space. In some of his current paintings, one can notice the presence of a circular luminosity that seems to rise from the background towards the surface. Expansive, like a wave reverberating in space.

Sergio Lucena’s paintings demand a skilful artistic process. Mastery and intense work, for the vibrating colour surface, is the result of numberless, successive layers of oil paint superimposed with their tonal variations. Thin layers! Through the refined technique, the artist attains the poetics of what is ineffable, full of energy, vital and life throbbing in its loving shock with colour, light and space.

Fabio Magalhães


FRG Gallery Exhibition - Dec 1st - Dec 4th, 2015 - Buenos Aires

San Isidro es Arte is the annual art fair organized by FRG Gallery in conjunction with Fundacion Grayeb and San Isidro city -Buenos Aires-. 

We showcase the artwork of both internationally acclaimed and emerging artists of Argentina in an inspiring and mutually learning space. Among the featured artists this year, we are honoured to host the works and presence of Josefina Robirosa and Jorde DiCervo, two of our country’s icons that represent us in the whole world.

The goal of our annual fairs is to elevate the level of consciousness in society, by establishing a direct dialogue between the general public and our artists.

As in the previous years, part of the proceedings is destined to charity organizations.  


FRG Gallery Fair - Dec 2nd - Dec 5th, 2014 - Buenos Aires

FRG Gallery, with the support of San Isidro city and Fundacion Grayeb, invites you to another art exhibition of San Isidro es Arte fair. This year the exhibition will take place at the historic CASI headquarters and will include paintings and art installations from selected emerging artists together with acclaimed personalities of the Argentinean art world, like Grazia Cutuli and Jorge Diciervo.

Artists will donate part of the proceedings to support local charities

FRG Gallery - Retail space