Art, Miami & the birth of Art Basel in South Florida.

art2The relationship between art and Miami is a very particular stirring one, continuously growing in a way most in the scenepredicted it would.
With Miami’s multicultural community it is no surprise that the diverse populations would influence some of the most innovative
Local art that attracts admirers with its subtle eccentricity that’s like no other in the world. Basel’s original birthplace in Basel, Switzerland began in the 70’s exhibiting
The best modern and contemporary artwork the world had to offer. With thousands of visitors from curators to art enthusiasts, buyers to collectors
Art Basel’s popularity grew and the accessibility to some of the best visual innovations gained a massive international following. art1
Than Art Basel headed to the America’s making Art Basel Miami Beach the only and largest art fair in the United States. This is both an honorable and Special gift to Miami from Basel, considering the grand benefits it has to South Florida’s economy and culture. In 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach launched and artworks
Were exhibited in transformed shipping containers. Flash-forward 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach is a South Florida Holiday with millions
Internationally anticipating to take part in some of the most exclusive parties celebrating the art community, conventions,and talks about
Everything art, free concerts and a wide range of activities for many of all ages to enjoy.