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FRG Gallery - FRG Gallery

FRG Gallery

FRG Gallery in Miami Beach

FRG gallery is a contemporary art space that aspires to be an innovative and vital force in the art world.

Our ultimate purpose is to use the power of art to elevate the level of consciousness; consciousness of our own selves, of our society and of the world around us. We believe that art builds up self-knowledge and aids in understanding ourselves and communicating who we are to others. More aware individuals will be able to connect better with the current social and environmental challenges.

The goal of our artists is not only mastery over form but, more importantly, the shaping of form to inner meaning. This meaning translates into a powerful force that can stir the soul. We showcase regionally acclaimed and internationally emerging Latin American artists that transmit, as a result of the continent’s mix of Indigenous, African and European cultures, a unique perception and consciousness of our contemporary world. We seek to place their artwork in a wider range of international private and museum collections, through carefully curated individual and group exhibitions, active participation at selected American art fairs and, innovative online marketing and scholarly catalogues.

We firmly believe that the intrinsic and conceptual quality of our selected artists, together with our commitment to celebrating and promoting their work, will reassure serious collectors and art lovers in general of their investments.


With ten years in the art market in São Paulo, Galleria Mezanino is a traveling and innovative project, directed by journalist and curator Renato De Cara. Introducing thematic and individual exhibitions of renowned and emerging Brazilian artists, the project gained further momentum in 2015 with the entry of two new partners in business management: the entrepreneur Flavia Abuhab Matalon and collector Francisco de Assis Esmeraldo . With approximately 300 square meters, the Gallery hosts exhibition hall, space for workshops and interactions with artists, as well as an outdoor area. The primary focus is contemporary art, in several different type of media ranging from paintings, photography, printmaking and drawings; as well as live performances, video and sound art, sculpture and graffiti.

Artists like Manoel Veiga, Jaime Prades, Sidney Amaral and Sergio Lucena are represented in the United States through FRG Gallery of Miami Beach